Happy Belated Bike Month Toronto!

First wave of group commuters arrive at City Hall

This year was the first time that I attended the Bike Month launch event hosted by the City of Toronto.

So, I have a confession to make. The event is a group commute to City Hall from several meet up points around the city, but I thought I was going to be late so I headed straight to City Hall on my own instead.

The funny thing is, half way up to Yonge and Bloor I slowed down and was contemplating on whether to try to make it to the group meet up area or turn around to go to City Hall. As I pulled to the side to check the time, Cupcake Rider, Audrey, whizzed by me on her bike. Yet, not even a few minutes after I arrive at City Hall, Audrey arrives as well. Turns out, she realized that she wouldn’t make it to the meet up point either, so she turned around and biked to City Hall by herself too.

Audrey and Olivia Chow
Audrey and bike enthusiast MP Olivia Chow

Olivia and Me
Olivia Chow and me!

We’re half way through Bike Month, but there are still so many fun events scheduled. Check out BikingToronto.com‘s handy-dandy event calendar and plan out the rest of your Bike Month!

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