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I read a tweet earlier this week where a cyclist found that after the cyclist death last week, drivers seemed to be giving her generous room on the roads. Myself and a few others, however, are finding the opposite – drivers in Toronto seem to be getting more aggressive and are passing really closely at higher speeds. This observation was on the heels of reports of a driver running a cyclist into the sidewalk.

Then a fellow Cupcake Rider was physically pushed by a motorist last week on her way to work. She had no prior interaction with the driver before the confrontation. She didn’t get hurt, but thankfully a witness called police and the driver is now apprehended.

What is going on?

Is Ford’s hatred of cyclists finally trickling down to his constituents and rearing it’s ugly head as road rage and aggressive driving? Or maybe people are starting to suffer from seasonal affective disorder despite the warm weather?

Let’s just try to stay safe out there!

• A great article on owning your space on the roads (great safety tips)
• A link to Dave Moulton’s safe riding tips again, because it’s so well written
10 ways not to get hit from

On the flip side I’m still seeing a lot of bad cyclists riding around Toronto. These fair weather cyclists are usually gone by early November, but I guess the warm weather is keeping them biking around town.

Sometimes I fantasize handing out Emma Woolley’s letter to all these bad cyclists. I would have loved to have given one to the girl who thought she was so invincible she could ride on the wrong side of the road, around a blind corner without lights the other night. She almost got run over by two cabs, yet when I told her she shouldn’t be riding where she was, her response was a sarcastic, ‘Thank you.’

• Let’s Go Ride a Bike’s question about speaking up when cyclists do unsafe things.
• More on passing on the left!
• If you are a self-professed bad cyclist, you can join what looks to be an international Facebook group and be bad together.

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