Toronto International Bike Show 2012

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Denise and I checked out the Toronto International Bike Show this weekend. We had a lot of fun looking at all the pretty bikes, revelling in BMX riders doing crazy flips (sorry, there were too many names for all the tricks for me to remember) and scoping out the many deals.

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Sadly, the bike industry seems to still be a bit of a boys club and we encountered some chauvinism:

I guess our glasses didn’t make us look knowledgeable enough about bikes!

a bike that fits me!we wanted to take this home

I picked up some lube for half price!

I love the celeste – too bad the sales guy at the Bianchi Canada booth was a jerk!

3 thoughts on “Toronto International Bike Show 2012

  1. B

    It’s too bad you guys had to deal with some arrogant people there. I hope it didn’t ruin your day.

    1. happy d Post author

      I guess it was arrogance!

      When the guy told us that the products we were looking at were top tube covers, all I could do was laugh.

      But no, it didn’t ruin our day 🙂 It was still a fun show.

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