A Public Transit adventure


This past weekend we had a long weekend and gorgeous weather, which means I’ve been biking even more than usual. Andre and I went on several bike dates and I even ventured waaay uptown for a baby shower.

Seeing that getting up to Lawrence from downtown would mean climbing several steep hills, I decided that I would try the bike racks on the TTC buses to save myself from getting too sweaty and disheveled before getting to the baby shower.

I’ve used public transit bike racks in BC before and the ones on the TTC buses are exactly the same. You just push up on a metal handle, pull the whole rack down towards you, lift your bike into the wheel slots and then secure your front wheel with an expandable leaver thingy (yes, thingy).

The TTC even dedicates a whole page to the bus bike racks. Unfortunately, if you want to watch a video of how to secure your bike on these racks, you’ll have to download a video …. they don’t have any embedded.


After biking across town on Lawrence, I arrived at T-buds for an afternoon tea for two expecting moms. There are a few hills on Lawrence but nothing like the hills that you encounter when riding north bound, so I arrived hot but presentable.


And then I rode through the Beltline, bike lanes and my fav Russell Hill Road to get home! I try to turn my GPS app on every time I ride down Russell Hill Road to see what my top speed is. This time I topped out at 37kms/hr (my goal is to reach 40kms/hr – I’m almost there).


I think I might make use of the bike racks on the TTC buses more often, now that I know how civilized one a can feel sitting in an air conditioned vehicle that is doing all the work, climbing up hills for you.

2 thoughts on “A Public Transit adventure

  1. aem2

    Thingy. It’s a technical science term. I use it all the time.

    I’ll have to watch that video. I haven’t had the opportunity to use the bus bike racks yet, but I’m mildly anxious that when I do I’ll hold up the bus trying to figure out how it works.

    1. happy d Post author

      Yes! I was so worried about holding up the bus that the first pic posted is actually when I got off the bus and got permission from the bus driver to take that photo!

      … but you know? It’s actually super easy and the rack is really light.

      I would equate the time it takes to put the bike on the rack to be about the same time a person with a stroller needs for the bus to kneel down to make the entry level to the sidewalk.


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