May Cupcake Ride Recap


Another great turnout with Cupcake Ride newbies and veterans!

Despite a gloomy weather forecast, the slightly hazy overcast conditions created a nice reprieve from the sunny hot day we had the day before and made for a very comfortable May ride. … although many of us arrived hot and sweaty because we were rushing to try to get to the meet up point on time!

We started at Swirl’s Cupcakes where half of us indulged in gelato to cool off. Maegan tried the ‘You’ve been eating cupcakes wrong your whole life‘ method and it looked so practical that I tried it too. Because Swirl’s Cupcakes are nice and pound-cakey, the cupcakes held their shape and it felt like eating a whoopie pie!




Just as we were getting ready to take a group photo before heading out, Cori and Jennifer arrived (good timing, ladies)!

… and then we headed east on Dundas West to enter the Humber River Bike Path which, from the reaction many of the riders, seemed like everyone thought it was as beautiful as I did.




Then after climbing a few tough hills, we regrouped and entered the Martin Goodman Trail.





With the hardest hills behind us, we enjoyed a leisurely ride across town by the lake.



After a brief ride along the Lake Shore trail, we rode up Logan and backtracked a bit to get to our final destination, Desmond & Beatrice! Where we enjoyed some beautifully decorated cupcakes and chatted about how yummy our cupcakes were, UHT milk (Desmond & Beatrice carries tetra pak chocolate and regular milk) and a big topic of conversation, street harassment.



No one tried this!


Thank you again for making this ride so enjoyable and fun everybody!!

For more photos, please check out the Flickr set.

Don’t forget our next ladies’ ride is Sunday, June 10th!

And we’re almost finished getting the details ironed out for the Co-ed Ride – June 23rd!

2 thoughts on “May Cupcake Ride Recap

  1. Dottie

    What a beautiful ride! Plus, cupcakes! Love seeing these photos. One day I’d love to get up to Toronto and join you all. 🙂


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