The Last Cupcake Ride of 2012!!!

Cupcake Ride Group Shot!

I didn’t want to jinx the weather before any of our rides this year by commenting on how I didn’t have to postpone any rides this year, but yesterday’s ride was the first time this year where I had to even consider posting up a rain date! Unlike the year before, where I was biting my nails and wishing I didn’t have to keep on postponing every single ride; this year I didn’t have to send any last minute messages to the group about rescheduling planned rides.

We were blessed with such awesome, glorious weather this year!

.. and yesterday was no exception. The morning started with dark, grey and ominous rain clouds which I think made many people reconsider joining us for a ride. Boo. But by noon, the sun was out and the temperature was heating up!

Getting my cookie prepared at Sweet Flour

We started at Sweet Flour, a design your own cookie bake shop in Bloor West Village. Jen, who couldn’t make it yesterday, describes it the best, “It’s like the fro-yo of cookie making!”

The Sweet Flour team made some cupcake cookies in honour of our ride, but we all opted for the freshly baked, design your own cookies instead.

I really recommend the ‘Salty Milky Way’ – a cookie with milk chocolate chips and potato chips. Sooo yum.




Smart phone time!

They even offer cups of milk to go with your hot from the oven cookie!

on Windemere

Annette bikelanes!

From Bloor West Village we headed up to the Annette bikee lanes and bike over to the West Toronto Rail Path – which everyone who I ride with comments on how they love it, but wish it was longer.

Through the Railpath

Through the Railpath

Then we headed across the city on the Davenport bike lanes to wind our way over to Rosedale Valley Road.

across Davenport


Then we biked through the short, but newish trail next to Bayview Avenue to get to the Brickworks to check out the Red Bull Minidrome (the story of my humiliation at this event is coming up next).

the path next to Bayview

I have to apologize for running off at the end of the ride. I didn’t even check to see if everyone knew how to get back to the city from the Brickworks (the trails to and from the Brickworks can get a bit confusing, and riding along the Bayview extension feels like riding along a highway).

Hope everyone made it home ok!

Thank you for coming out and riding along with me. I hope you enjoyed the route as much as I did! It might be fun to do this route again once the fall colours arrive – can you imagine how beautiful it will be?

And a big thank you to ALL the ladies that came out to the Cupcake Rides this year!!! It was so nice to ride with old friends (Maegan and I realized that we’ve been riding together for 3 years now) and so many new Cupcake Riders this season.



Last Sweet Ride for 2012
Don’t forget we have one last food themed ride planned for this year! It’s our co-ed Sweet Ride and we’re switching it up a bit. We’re planning a Savoury Ride with poutine involved.

Keep checking back here for the details or RSVP on Facebook!

Winter Cupcake Ride Get Together Idea

Denise suggested we might have a get together that involves more sitting and talking and less biking, since many of us are becoming better friends through these Cupcake Rides.

Would you be interested in joining in on something like a ‘Ladies Who Brunch‘ that Dottie from Let’s Go Ride a Bike hosts in Chicago?

Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “The Last Cupcake Ride of 2012!!!

  1. Helen

    HI Hyedie,

    Sounds like a great ride! I still haven’t made it to the West Toronto Railpath even though I know it’s so close to me. If you have a chance, could you post the route? Would love to check it out with the coming fall colours.

    And though I’m still pretty new to the Cupcake Rides, I’d totally be interested in Denise’s idea for a bike friends get together…great idea!

    H 🙂

    1. happy d Post author

      Hey Helen!

      Here’s the basic route:

      But instead of going up Runnymede, we went up Windermere which the first small street west of Sweet Flour to get to Annette instead!

      And although the Google map showed ‘Collier St’, there are no street signs that say that Church become Collier and it’s like, all of a sudden, whoa, there’s Park Rd!

      Let me map it out on Google and send you the link!

  2. aem2

    I love the idea of the Ladies who Bike brunch! So sorry I couldn’t make this last ride, but Tweed called.

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