Coffeeneuring No. 1 & 2

My attempt at a self-portrait

Andrea is always finding cool challenges that the bike blog community hosts. When she shared that she was going to participate in the 2nd Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge, I thought it would be a good excuse to visit new cafes and keep on biking through the fall.

Part of the challenge is taking photos of your Coffeeneuring ride and doing a write up about them. I am a bit behind on posting so here is a combo post of rides 1 and 2.


Coffeeneuring No. 1
The Grind House, 281 Augusta Avenue
Mileage: 6.6 kms / 4.1 miles
Drink: hot chocolate (and a blondie)

The first qualifying ride was fun and most importantly dry! For a wittier and more interesting read about this ride, check out Andrea’s write up.


Coffeeneuring No. 2
Lit Espresso Bar, 221 Ronscesvalles Avenue
Mileage: 4.8 kms / 3 miles
Drink: London Fog

The second Coffeeneuring ride was extremely wet! I realized after my first ride that I didn’t take enough bike shots so despite the rain, this time I tried to document my actual ride.

An extremely wet Panda shot


Even with the dark clouds, the fall colours were beautiful!



I ordered a London Fog! If you read Andrea’s write up on the Grind House you’ll know the significance.

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