Coffeeneuring No. 3

We borrowed some bike lock spaces from a nearby apartment building

Coffeeneuring No. 3
Sunday, October 28
Cafe: The Abbott of Parkdale, 99 Spencer Avenue
Mileage: 3.6 kms / 2.2 miles
Drink: hot chocolate (and a rosemary scone)


When Andrea mentioned that she wanted to help with organizing a get together for the Cupcake Riders, I thought that we could meet up to chat about the get together while also completing an entry for the Coffeeneuring Challenge.

She left choosing the venue up to me, so when I saw all the pretty pictures of The Abbott on BlogTO I just had to go. While I was mesmerized by all the photos of this cute cafe, Andrea actually took the time to read the write up about the cafe.


If I had actually read the BlogTO article, I would have known that the cafe is named after the first African Canadian doctor in Toronto, Dr. W. R. Abbott, pictured below (try to ignore the green line that appeared when I was saving this photo in photoshop):

DSC00452 /


A bit of interesting history.

My hot chocolate and what was supposed to be a raspberry/sea salt scone which turned out to be a rosemary scone. Andrea’s hot apple cider and pumpkin muffin.

After we settled on some of the details of the Women Who Bike Brunch, we set out to ride back home. It started to rain on the way back, but it was a light rain and nothing like the downpour that we both experienced the day before.


Oh and one of the most important things I learned from Andrea during our Coffeeneuring outing was a little trick to keep your Remembrance Day poppy on your coat and not having it fall off (like I usually do within 12 hours of fixing the flower on one of my coats):

How to not lose your poppy - pull the pin through one of the petals after you affix it to your coat! #remembranceday

Just pull the pin back through one of the poppy petals after you’ve affixed it onto your coat.

A simple but very effective method! It’s been almost two weeks and I still haven’t lost my poppy – thank you Andrea!

Read about Andrea’s take on our Coffeeneuring adventure!

Hope you can join us for the last Sweet Ride of 2012: The Poutine Ride!

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