Coffeeneuring No. 4 & 5


Coffeeneuring No. 4
Saturday, November 3
Cafe: Sam James Coffee Bar, 297 Harbord Street
Mileage: 8.9 kms / 5.5 miles (including mileage for errands)
Drink: chai latte (and sea salt and chocolate chip cookie)

This is the Coffeeneuring that almost never was because I didn’t bother to check what the hours were for Sam James on Harbord and ended up getting to the cafe exactly 8 minutes before it closed.

In my rush to try to get out of the cafe before closing, I forgot to take a photo of my chai latte (which I ended up breaking my no paper cup rule for – which is not specifically for Coffeeneuring but a rule in general) and cookie.

So instead I took a photo of my bike outside the cafe (after an employee brought their bench inside, they were really in closing mode). When I looked up and eastward after shooting my bike, I was rewarded with a sunset casting a dramatic light on the streetscape.


Hula Girl

Coffeeneuring No. 5
Sunday, November 4
Cafe: Hula Girl Expresso Boutique, 2473 Dundas St West
Mileage: 6.1 kms / 3.8 miles
Drink: chai latte (and turkey croissant sandwich and orange olive oil muffin)

After an almost failed Coffeeneuring attempt the day before, for this ride I made sure to check the cafe’s hours.

Hula Girl
A note to self: order these next time!

Hula Girl

After seeing this cafe while driving/riding along Dundas West, I’m glad that I was able to check it out. The atmosphere is perfect and there is enough street activity for great people watching.

West Toronto Rail Path

I took the long way home by riding up to Dupont and taking the West Toronto Railpath back down.

West Toronto Rail Path

Yay just 2 more Coffeeneurs to report and then I can submit my writeups for the challenge!

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